RECs are part of the Federal Government’s Renewable Energy Scheme also referred to as STCs for systems smaller than 100 kW. Green energy systems are eligible for certificates, the larger the system the greater the number of certificates. As part of the Clean Energy Scheme, large energy distributors are required to purchase these certificates over the year and the government sets targets every year.


These certificates each have a market value which changes over time in terms of how many certificates are on the market, which is the major cause of the variation of solar system prices throughout the year. When installing a PV system through JT Solar, you assign your certificates to us in exchange for discount on the purchase price of the system.


You are also free to keep the RECs for yourself and sell them on the market at a later date if you wish to keep them as an investment. However this means you will pay the full price of the system including the market price of the certificates.


At JT Solar, we purchase RECs from new solar customers after installation is compeleted.