Government Assistance and Incentives of Solar

Currently both the State and Federal Governments provide incentives to help increase the take up of consumers and businesses alike to adopt renewable energy by offering generous grants and ongoing rebates. Each state of Australia has its own feed in tariff and this refers to the ongoing payments from the energy retailers to pay for your excess energy that you do not use at home. The Federal Government in turn provides grants through Solar Credits program and through Renewable Energy Certificates (STCs).


The Australian Government has developed a comprehensive plan to move to a clean energy future. Central to that plan is the introduction of a carbon price that will cut pollution in the cheapest and most effective way and drive investment in clean energy sources such as solar, gas and wind.


RECs are part of the Federal Government’s Renewable Energy Scheme also referred to as STCs for systems smaller than 100 kW. Green energy systems are eligible for certificates, the larger the system the greater the number of certificates. As part of the Clean Energy Scheme, large energy distributors are required to purchase these certificates over the year and the government sets targets every year.


Feed in tariffs is what provides you with the ongoing rebate for installing a solar PV system. Feed in Tariffs were previously State Government backed, however for all current installs the ongoing payments for excess electricity sold to the grid is provided by certain energy retailers directly. The IPART My Energy Offers websites provides an overview of the current rates.


Businesses with extensive energy consumption who meet certain criteria may be eligible to apply for large scale grants to improve energy efficiencies such as installing solar systems through the Federal Government’s Clean Technology Investment Program to help offset the costs of their carbon liabilities.

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