A commercial power solar system functions in a similar way to a residential based system by offsetting electrical usage your business consumes by what is produced by your solar system. This offsetting is made on a live instantaneous basis whilst excess electricity is sold to the grid. JT Solar utilises ruggedized SMA TriPower 3 phase inverters which are designed and manufactured for high yield and geared for commercial grade applications/installations.


Businesses with high voltage connections and or current transformers can benefit further by having to purchase less electricity at higher TOU charges when the solar plant is operating as well reducing their mandatory network and ancillary charges as well as renewable energy contributions which are charged based on total energy consumption per billing period.


In special case installation sites where flat roofing/minimal tilt angle exists or where connections to busbars are required, JT Solar Sydney tailors solutions to meet your needs.


Below graph illustrates how commercial solar power system works in simple steps:


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