The rooftop mounted solar panels collect sunlight and feeds this energy to a wall mounted grid solar inverter. The solar inverter then in turn coverts this power into useable electricity that can be used internally within the household as well as sold to the power (electricity) grid.


  1. The solar panels of a solar power system are mounted onto the roof via aluminium rails and hooking brackets to your roof purlins/rafters.
  2. The solar panels are wired to a wall mounted grid tied inverter which converts the DC electrical energy from the panels to 240V AC. JT Solar also provisions and installs your new solar electricity / power meter which calculates how much power your household uses vs how much you sell back to the grid.
  3. When the sun shines, your household power (electricity) usage is offset by the solar power system. Meaning free energy from the sun. If at any time there is greater energy consumption than what your solar system produces you purchase excess power / electricity from the grid as per normal.
  4. Your system is connected to the power (electricity) grid which JT Solar obtains an authorisation for, if at any time your system produces more power than what is used, this will be sold to the power (electricity) grid and you will receive a payment for.




The system is comprised of solar PV panels (1), which are connected to a solar inverter (2) which in turn is connected to the household power supply (3) as well as the public power grid (4) via an electricity / power meter.