Feed in tariffs is what provides you with the ongoing rebate for installing a solar PV system. Feed in Tariffs were previously State Government backed, however for all current installs the ongoing payments for excess electricity sold to the grid is provided by certain energy retailers directly. The IPART My Energy Offers websites provides an overview of the current rates.


Please refer to the section under customers who are not eligible for Solar Bonus Scheme payments. Energy retailers have their solar feed-in tariffs.  We recommend that you check the retailer’s website or contact the retailer directly to confirm whether solar feed-in tariffs displayed below are available with a particular offer.


Energy Retailer Voluntary Payment  to Non Solar Bonus scheme customers per kWh exported (c per kWh) The retailer has indicated that that this applies to:
ActewAGL Retail Nil All offers
AGL Sales 8c Advantage 5, Advantage 7 and Freedom Energy offers only
Australian Power and Gas Nil All offers
Country Energy Nil All offers
Dodo Power and Gas Nil All offers
Energy Australia 7.7c All offers
Integral Energy Nil All offers
Lumo 7.7c All offers
Momentum Nil All offers
Origin Energy Electricity 6c All offers
Power direct 7.7c All offers
QEnergy Nil All offers
Red Energy 5c Solar Living Energy Saver offers only
TRUenergy Nil All offers


NSW Solar Customer

New solar customers will not be eligible for old feed-in tariffs scheme, net metering arrangements are likely to provide solar customers with higher ongoing financial benefits than gross metering. Under net metering, solar customers are billed only for their net electricity consumption (ie, total consumption minus the electricity generated and consumed in premises at the time of generation). Therefore, for each kWh generate and consume in a billing period, solar customers save the retail price normally pay per kWh (currently around 20 to 30 c on average).


Customers who connect a PV system to the grid in NSW currently benefit from a live one to one instantaneous NET metering system, where solar energy produced by your system offsets your internal household use at the time it is produced. Excess energy produced by your system that is not used is sold to the grid through feed in tariffs.


ACT Solar Customer

New solar customers in the ACT benefit from installing a grid connected solar system through ActewAGL’s Solar Buyback Scheme. It is a 1 – t (one to one) NET metering system. This scheme operates by calculating your total solar production VS your total energy usage (ie, total consumption minus the electricity generated and consumed in premises at the time of generation). In the event your system produces more than your usage, ActewAGL provides you with credits at the same rate you purchase your power at.