What is solar electricity?

Solar panels convert sunlight into electrical energy. This energy is commonly referred to as solar electricity and their performance is usually measured in efficiency.

What is the difference between polycrystalline and monocrystalline panels?

There are two types of panels on the market known as Poly and Mono panels. The difference in performance is nearly negligible. Mono panels are made from one silicon crystal and hence these have a uniform colour and look. Poly panels are made from many silicon crystals that are fused together and have a slightly different look.

It is sometimes said, mono panels perform better at low light where as poly panels perform better at higher temperatures.

Do I need to clean the panels?

Panels in time do get dirty however with regular rainfall, these should clean itself. In cases where there is little rainfall, a garden hose can be used.

How do the panels stand against the weather?

The panels are designed against winds and hail. The panels can sustain hail with a diameter of 25mm falling at 80 km/h. (About a golf ball)

Where are they mounted at what angle and their effects?

The panels are mounted preferably on your North facing roof for optimal output, however NE and NW are also acceptable. Also purely E and W are also okay, however these will have lower outputs. There has to be a minimum of about 15 degrees tilt.

What about shading?

It is okay to have minimal shading, however if there is shading for most of the day this maybe non economic to progress.

Existing Solar Power System Upgrades?

Systems installed under the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme 60c can only be upgraded if the components were paid for before November 2010. Any new changes to these existing systems will result in the downgrade to 20c.
Systems installed under the 20c scheme can still be upgraded and maintain their tariffs, however if these upgrades are made in accordance to existing inverters, the existing installation must be brought up to current standards of October 2012.

Why choose solar?

By choosing solar power generation for your home or business, you can make a difference to our environment and save money at the same time. A JT Solar electric system allows you to harness the abundant power of the sun, creating sustainable clean energy.
Connection to the electricity grid means you can get extra power if you need it, and you can sell any excess power you generate that you don’t first use in your home or business, back to the grid, for your neighbors to use.

Why choose JT SOLAR ?

JT Solar is a direct importer, we offer the best prices, and will match any competitors’ prices if you can find a cheaper quote.

Where will my solar system be installed?

The solar panels need to be mounted on the north facing roof or similar to get maximum sunlight hours.