Why electricity is expensive

Over the past few years the price of electricity has been on a steady increase generally as a result of extensive network upgrades to the ‘poles and wires’ and maintenance from energy distributors and further as a result of the effects of the carbon tax. As consumers we bear the brunt of these upgrade costs.


JT’s Energy Saving Solutions

We are a renewable energy company specialising in the supply, provisioning and installation of quality grid connected solar systems as well as energy efficient lighting.


If rising energy prices are becoming a burden on your life, please take the time to browse the solutions on our website in how we can help you reduce your energy consumption.


The primary business of JT Solar is our grid connected solar systems which we provide services to in NSW and the ACT. In NSW grid connected solar systems installed in homes and businesses generate power which is used internally, so the more of your own power you consume, the more you save.


In the ACT, customers of ActewAGL are eligible to apply for their Solar Buyback Scheme which rewards solar customers on a one to one basis. I.E. solar energy is bought back at the same rate you purchase it at.


The secondary business of JT Solar is our supply of quality energy saving lights for households and businesses including indoor/outdoor, LED downlights, LED tubes, street lighting, and high bay lighting. For more details, please check out below websites:

– for retail customers: www.lighting-direct.com.au

– for more discounts: www.lighting-wholesaler.com.au