JT Solar is also a retailer of energy efficient lighting to not only save on energy costs, but to contribute in a newly emerging market of new cutting edge low energy input, high output LED lighting. A significant portion of these newly available products are easily backward compatible with existing magnetic transformers/drivers and light fittings which means switching over to this new technology is just as simple as changing a light bulb.


Our lighting product partners are Lighting Wholesaler Online and Lighting Direct Online




JT Solar retails traditional energy saving light globes which represent great value in terms of their low cost outlay cost and backward compatibility in terms of fittings.


As existing halogen downlight globes begin to contribute heavily in terms of growing power bills, now is the time to move over to new energy efficient LED down lights. These new LED downlights are designed to fit into existing halogen globe holders as well as utilise many existing electrical fittings. LED lighting also comes in different wattages and layouts.


Catering for commercial and industrial premises, JT Solar provides energy saving solutions to this field via LED tubes to replace traditional fluorescent lighting tubes as well as LED based high bay lamps and street lighting.