Commercial based solar power systems are designed for business owners or long term leased agreements such as schools, community centres, shop fronts, factories, open fields etc,


Are Rising Electricity Prices a Problem for your Business?

With ever rising electricity tariffs and further ancillary charges such as carbon pricing, network charges, peak demand and renewable energy contributions etc. which are calculated based on total energy usage, a JT Solar commercial grade solar energy plant is a primary method of lowering your business electricity usage and dependency on the power grid.


Benefits & Incentives for Commercial Solar Power System

Maximise your business savings with a commercial solar system with JT Solar. A commercial based solar system works in a similar way to a household installed system, however where as a household system may not use all of its produced energy on a one to one basis your business can maximise this due to the energy needs of growing businesses, particularly those with high energy consumption. Generous Federal Government subsidies as well as schemes may also be available to your business to help pay the capital costs of the system.


Going commercial solar power for your business also brings about financial incentives including:

  • Depreciation claims on tax
  • Quick returns on investment
  • As well as knowing you will be producing your own energy for years to come mitigating most of the rises in electricity prices


10 kW Commercial Solar Power System
10 kW Commercial Solar Power System – click here to see more solar project photos


Our Commercial Grade Solar Power Energy Solutions

JT Solar is a highly experienced renewable energy company with extensive capability in single or three phase connections as well as high voltage connections to the grid via current transformer/import export metering.


Our fully licenced internal install team is comprised of CEC accredited tradespersons with extensive experience in electrical works, roofing and Category 1,2,3,4 Grade A ASP connections ensuring your clean energy investment deliver performance throughout its expected lifetime. Where required, JT Solar also partners with our engineering group in issuing Certificates of Structural Adequacy to ensure compliance with AS1170 and other relevant mounting standards.


JT Solar can also provide service warranties and ongoing maintenance of your system on top of extensive local component warranties.