Rebates for grid connect residential solar power

As of June 10 2009, the Solar Credits Program is in effect. JT Solar has a special arm of its operations that deals purely with community and residential solar power grid connect system rebates, removing the hassle out of you taking advantage of this incentive.


As with many government rebates there are some conditions attached.

  • The Solar Credits will offer up to $9,000 in savings depending on the size and location of installation and apply to new installations of small-scale renewable energy generators eligible under the scheme.

However, these conditions still mean most Australians have access to the incentive!


Currently building a home?

You are able to lodge an application for the rebate while your home is under construction if upon completion of the home it will be your principle place of residence and within 6 months of lodging a rebate application you are able to present both a drivers license and electoral role confirmation with the installation address listed.


Don’t qualify?

In the likely scenario of not qualifying for the solar credits program, all is not lost – you can still benefit from a point of sale discount on the standard number of RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates) that would usually accompany a system.


Live in an apartment complex?

If you live in an apartment complex you are also eligible to apply for a solar power rebate under the solar credits program. In order to be eligible you must satisfy the following three additional criteria:

  • Applicant must be an owner occupier of an apartment within the apartment block
  • You must have permission from body corporate
  • You need to provide proof that the panels are owned by you (an invoice from JT Solar will suffice)


How the rebate works

When you select JT Solar as your residential solar power grid connect supplier and installer, we help greatly simplify the rebates process for you! Here’s how the process works through us:

  • Contact us or call us on 1300 544 131 to speak to our friendly, expert consultants for advice.
  • JT Solar will send you a quote on the basis of this information, including the Solar Credits discount.
  • Accept quote and pay your deposit.
  • Upon grant approval JT Solar will to arrange an installation date. This is when you pay your deposit.
  • Installation occurs, with the balance payable on completion.